About Us

I was on a flight and looking at some of the products for sale, when I came across a product that was used to mark the grave of a loved one.  The product only let you have a few letters engraved on it.  The thought then occurred to me, how do you sum up a life in 8 letters?  I believe that you should be able to express better loving thoughts for your loved ones and what they meant to you.  This is how our company began.  We wanted people to have the ability to make a plaque, with their sentiments, and put that custom plaque on one of our monuments.  Our monuments have been developed with a recessed area on the front, where a plaque can be placed.  Because more of our loved ones are being cremated, a recess bung hole was designed into the bottom of the monument with a water tight plug.  Through this hole you can store ashes or fill the monument with sand for added weight.  The monuments were made to look like a natural granite or marble grave maker, with the sides having a cut stone appearance.  We offer them in a number of different colors.  The material is UV stable so it can be used outdoors in the flower garden or any other spot where your loved one spent enjoyable time, rather than be hidden in the closet.

If you have any question or problems please let us know by using our Contact Us page.  This is the only way we can help you.  We are striving to make it affordable for all of us to commemorate those who were special to us.