Ultra-Mat Bronze 4H x 6W



This 4″ high by 6″ wide Plaque is intended for use by the Memory Monument.  If you are ordering the Commemorative Monument, please go back and select the 6.5″ high by 9.5″ wide Plaque.

Scroll down to see the Graphics Design Tool or click the “Please Design It For Me”, if you wish to have Custom Markers and Monuments do the design for you.  If you wish guidance for doing the design yourself, please click on Using the Graphics Design Tool for some starter tips.

Please Design It For Me – $40.00 Upcharge

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This plaque is a laminated impact acrylic, bronze in color on one side and black on the other. When it is engraved the bronze color is removed and the letters or picture show up in black. These plaques are UV stable, outdoor weatherproof, with a non-glare surface that is easy to read, and fingerprint resistant. Use with black and white photos.  If color photos are used, they will be converted to black and white before engraving is done.